A young Singaporean girl went to an Asian restaurant. Stephanie Cherish Chiang,was her name. Call her Ling-Chu in Chinese. She can speak English (bad grammar!),Chinese (fluent!),Malay and Indonesian (poor Stephie didn't know how to differ Malay and Indonesian,and she's bad at both),French ('bonjour' only),Italian (she knows how to say 'ciao,sono Stephanie' but didn't know the rest),Cantonese (a half) and Korean (three words only,'annyeonghaseo','eomma' and 'oppa'). Here is her conversation with Buk Lao.

S: Morning?

B: Du hellooo?

S: Huh? Clearer,please?

B: I neeed sum-bo-deee that can speak Chi-neese!

S: I can! Ni ao! (Hello!)

B: Or-der,pleese!

S: Huh? We didn't sell fleece! It's a restaurant! Ni te hua,pu huei you se me cuo the cu ti! (Your words doesn't have anything to do with the topic!)

B: Wuteffer yu sey..

S: Okay,I bet you have to go back to first grade and learn English. Let's end our conversation.

Funny,right? Hahaha. And Stephie even ever said to Tyrone, "Tie-roan! What a weird name!" when Tyrone explained her his name. Well,she was raised in Singlish and Chinese,and never watched the Backyardigans,so she can't pronounce Tyrone.

And,she ever said to her friend Jose (he lives in Canberra,Aussie),"Well,up to you lah!" and Jose's sister Jocelyn commented,"Bad English!!!!"

Here,is her identity:

She was born in Singapore. She was of Chinese descent. She was 10 years old. She had white skin. She had long black hair,the front combed to the right. She loves pandas. She has friends from France,Italy,Malaysia,Indonesia,Thailand,Japan,China,Philippines and Australia. She often wears a white T-shirt with a drawing of a pink panda in it. Pink,yellow and white is her favorite color. She also often wears a pink skirt and white ballet shoes with yellow linings. Sometimes,she wears a yellow shirt with sunflower drawings on it,and also yellow pants with the same motive,and also wears yellow shoes with pink sole. Her favorite pose is standing near the Merlion with the map of Singapore as the background. She was standing with one leg lifted,her hands below her shoulders and an innocent,cute smile on her face. She was also extremely polite,and loves clean environment,so she is easy to be disgusted. She loves to eat strawberry ice cream and loves to drink honey lemon tea.

Those who wanted to befriend Stephanie,sorry,'cause she's just a fictional character. But,you may find her picture in page 134 on the book My Dictionary of Everyday Words.

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